FREE Webinar - Ethics in Data Collection (12/07/2022)

Ethics in Data Collection (confidentiality, Consent, Data Sharing and much more)

Hello. We appreciate your efforts toward increasing your capacity and advancing your career.

In this regard, Humanitarian Global invites you to our FREE Monitoring Evaluation Accountability & Learning webinar

Date: 14/July/2022

Topic: Ethics in Data Collection (confidentiality, Consent, Data Sharing and much more)

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Thank you for the invitation. I will participate in the 'webinar - “Ethics in Data”


Hello and thank you for the feedback. We look forward to seeing you in the Webinar. Tag your colleagues and friends to register for this webinar via the link shared above.

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Hello My name is Akighir Christiana Nguemo from Nigeria. I’m glad to be part of this global community. Thank you


Welcome Tiana, we are glad to have you here. Through this platform, you can learn and interact with other professionals. Feel free to post your questions and our team will be glad to respond to you. Thank you.

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Good Day All

Is it allowed by Data Collection ethics to use money in the process of data collection when Community member refused to attend to You?


Dear Adams,
Ethically it is wrong to offer gifts or handouts during data collection. It’s no different from bribing them for information. If people do not consent to share information, humanitarian and development professionals respect the privacy of beneficiaries and do not force them to share any information under any circumstance.

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Thank you for the invite. I would like to join the webinar session on Ethics in Data.


Hello @NadBurte and thank you for the inquiry. Please note the webinar has already taken place and you may rewatch it via the following link: Enjoy!

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I am really happy with the topics, thank you all,
An effective data collector must act from a grounding in ethics, treating each res ponder s with fairness and respect,
Collecting data/sharing data from minor majors or collecting/sharing data from marginalized communities needs more attention

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Hello @Teweda and thank you for this important input.